Minerals, water and pesticides with regard to production

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Jarvis, S. C. 1993. Minerals, water and pesticides with regard to production. Haggar, R. J. and Peel, S. (ed.) Grassland Management and Nature Conservation, British Grassland Society (BGS) Occasional Symposium No 28 (joint meeting with British Ecological Society), Leeds University, 27-29 September 1993. British Grassland Society (BGS) Hurley. pp. 54-63

AuthorsJarvis, S. C.
Year of Publication1993
PublisherBritish Grassland Society (BGS) Hurley
Funder project or code51
Project: 2401513
Project: 2401518
Project: 1901512
Project: 1901514
Project: 2401526
Page range54-63
EditorsHaggar, R. J. and Peel, S.

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