A photographic moonlight recorder

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C. B. Williams and G. A. Emery 1935. A photographic moonlight recorder. Journal of Scientific Instruments. 12 (4), p. 111.

AuthorsC. B. Williams and G. A. Emery

The paper describes a photographic recorder for moonlight. It consists of a cylindrical lens mounted on a light-tight drum which rotates at a speed of one revolution in 24 hours and 50 min., which is the average time of the moon's apparent rotation round the earth. The axis of the drum is set pointing to the pole star and by means of a timing disk the drum is set each afternoon so that the lens follows the position of the moon. Inside the rotating drum is a fixed drum on the outer surface of which is a strip of photographic bromide paper. On this the line image of the moon, produced by the cylindrical lens, is focused. The darkening of the bromide paper gives an indication both of the duration and of the intensity of the moonlight.

Year of Publication1935
JournalJournal of Scientific Instruments
Journal citation12 (4), p. 111
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PublisherIOP Publishing Ltd

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