1. II. On the structure and biology of archotermopsis, together with descriptions of new species of intestinal protozoa, and general observations on the isoptera
  2. Observations on the insect fauna of permanent pasture in Cheshire
  3. The composition of potatoes immune from wart disease
  4. The agricultural value of organic manures
  5. The washing out of nitrates by drainage water from uncropped and unmanured land
  6. The partial sterilisation of soils
  7. Farmyard manure - its making and its use
  8. Regional factors in agriculture Geographical teacher
  9. Report on the proposed electrolytic treatment of seeds (Wolfryn process) before sowing
  10. British crop production
  11. The influence of chemical constitution on the toxicity of organic compounds to wireworms
  12. On the changes through which the nodule organism (Ps. radicicola) passes under cultural conditions
  13. The determination of ammonia in soil
  14. The mechanism of the decomposition of cyanamide in the soil
  15. Daily periodicity in the numbers of active soil flagellates: with a brief note on the relation of trophic amoebae and bacterial numbers
  16. A method for estimating the number of active protozoa in the soil
  17. Numbers of protozoa in certain Rothamsted soils
  18. The relations existing between the soil and its water content: A Résumé of the Subject
  19. Weedkiller usage in England and Wales - information form surveys of farm practice
  20. Weeds of farm land
  21. Field experiments on the chemotropic responses of insects
  22. The fertilizing value of sewage sludges
  23. On the relations between growth and the environmental conditions of temperature and bright sunshine