1. Section III.—Papers and discussion on “organic constituents of the soil”. The part played by organic matter in the soil system
  2. Green manuring
  3. On the Larva and Pupa of a Parasitic Phorid Fly—Hypocera incrassata Mg
  4. On a method of separating insects and other arthropods from soil
  5. The larval and pupal stages of the Bibionidae Part II
  6. The Infestation of Fungus Cultures by Mites.(Its Nature and Control, together with some Remarks on the toxic Properties of Pyridine.)
  7. Anatomical structure of the roots of barley
  8. The phenomena of absorption in soils: a critical discussion of the hypotheses put forward
  9. A quantitative investigation of the bacterial and protozoan fauna
  10. Section II.—Papers and discussion on “soil moisture”. The system soil-soil moisture
  11. Biological studies of aphis rum wis linn. Reproduction on varieties of Vicia Faba
  12. On mutation of species
  13. Some aspects of vegetable pathology in relation to human disease
  14. Some research aspects of the wart disease problem
  15. CP28 The microbiology of cider-making
  16. The insect and other invertebrate fauna of arable land at Rothamsted
  17. Soil acidity in its physico-chemical aspects
  18. Effect of high root temperature and excessive insolation upon growth
  19. On the Interpretation of X squared from Contingency Tables, and the Calculation of P
  20. The correlation of weekly rainfall
  21. The goodness of fit of regression formulae, and the distribution of regression coefficients
  22. The accuracy of the plating method of estimating the density of bacterial populations: with particular reference to the use of Thornton's agar medium with soil samples
  23. The systematic location of genes by means of crossover observations
  24. On the mathematical foundations of theoretical statistics