1. On the stimulating action of certain organic compounds on cellulose decomposition by means of a new aerobic microorganism that attacks both cellulose decomposition by means ofa new aerobic microorganism that attacks both cellulose and agar
  2. The rate of reproduction in artificial culture of Colpidium colpoda. Part III
  3. Some protozoa from the soils collected by the 'Quest' expedition (1921–1922)
  4. On the moisture relationships in an ideal soil
  5. Plant pathology to genetics - discussion
  6. A critical enquiry into the alleged fixation of nitrogen by green algae
  7. An automatic and continuous recording balance. (The Oden-Keen balance)
  8. CCXLVII The volumetric estimation of total carbonic acid in dilute solutions of calcium hydrogen carbonate or in hard tap-waters
  9. A discontinuity in the dehydration of certain salt hydrates
  10. An electrical method for the reduction of draught in ploughing
  11. The indirect measurement of the aqueous vapour-pressure of capillary systems by the freezing-point depression of benzene
  12. The influence of manuring on the weed flora of arable land
  13. The effect of iodine on soils and plants
  14. Studies in crop variation. III. An examination of the yield of dressed grain from Hoos Field
  15. On a distribution yielding the error functions of several well known statistics
  16. The distribution of the partial correlation coefficient
  17. The conditions under which X squared measures the discrepancy between observation and hypothesis
  18. An apparatus for testing the toxic values of contact insecticides under controlled conditions