1. The Resemblance between Twins, a Statistical Examination of Lauterbach's Measurements Correction
  2. The history and development of the use of superphosphate
  3. Soil management
  4. Soil physics and its bearing on practice
  5. On the effect of sunshine on wheat yield at Rothamsted
  6. A method of isolating and handling individual spores and bacteria
  7. Collembola injuring leaves of mangold seedlings
  8. Further experiments on the use of sulphur in relation to wart disease of potatoes
  9. The life-cycle of the nodule organism, bacillus radicicola (Beij.), in soil and its relation to the infection of the host plant
  10. further experiments on the use of sulphur in relation to wart disease of potatoes
  11. On the Relation of Certain Soil Algae to some Soluble Carbon Compounds
  12. Influence of protozoa on the process of nitrogen fixation by Azotobacter Chroococcum
  13. The determination of the diastolic power of malt and barley
  14. The evaporation of water from soil: III. A critical study of the Technique
  15. The changes induced in the anatomical structure of Vicia faba by the absence of boron from the nutrient solution
  16. Wart disease of potatoes: The development of Synchytrium Endobioticum (Schilb.) Perg, in “immune” varieties
  17. The viability of the winter sporangium of Synchytrium Endobioticum (Schilb.) Perc., the organism causing wart disease in potato
  18. Variability of Species
  19. On the capillary forces in an ideal soil; correction of formulae given by W. B. Haines
  20. Bayes' theorem and the fourfold table
  21. The arrangement of field experiments
  22. The official method for the mechanical analysis of soils
  23. The mechanical analysis of soils. A report on the present position and recommendations for a new official method