1. Studies on the Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles in the Soil VI. The Extraction of the Organic Nitrogen of the Soil with Alkali
  2. Single value soil properties a study of the significance of certain Soil constants VII The moisture equivalent and some related quantities (With two text-figure)
  3. Single value soil constants a study of the significance of certain soil constants VI On the changes produced in a soil by exposure to high temperatures (With One text-figure)
  4. Measurements of the electrical capacity and conductivity of soil blocks.(With six text-figures)
  5. A new series of allelomorphs in mice
  6. Some factors influencing the distribution of certain protozoa in biological filters
  7. The determination of cellulose in soil
  8. Studies in Soil cultivation. VI. The physical effect of sheep folding on the soil ((With five text-figures)
  9. Rothamsted Conference RC No 13 : The Technique of Field Experiments : Rothamsted conferences on present day problems on crop production : being the report of a conference held at Rothamsted on XX 1932
  10. Plastic strength of soft materials, the relationship between viscosity, elasticity and plastic strength of soft materials as illustrated by some mechanical properties of flour doughs, I
  11. Rapid methods of examining soils. I. Measurements of rolling Weights
  12. The Rothamsted pachimeter, a machine for measuring the shearing strength of plastic bodies
  13. The Rothamsted pachimeter
  14. The Culture of Lucerne in Great Britain
  15. The Azotobacter Test of Soil Fertility Applied to the Classical Fields at Rothamsted
  16. Periodic fluctuations in the prevalence of the wheat blossom midges
  17. Studies of fluctuations in insect populations: 1 The infestation of Broadbalk Wheat by the Wheat Blossom Midges (Cecidomyidae)
  18. Soils and fertilisers
  19. Studies on calcium cyanamide I The decomposition of calcium cyanamide in the soil and its effects on germination, nitrification and soil reaction (with eight text-figures)
  20. The action on the growth of crops of small percentages of certain metallic compounds when applied with ordinary artificial fertilisers
  21. On the secular variation of rainfall at Rothamsted
  22. The evolutionary modification of genetic phenomena
  23. The bearing of genetics on theories of evolution
  24. The derivation of the pattern formulae of two-way partitions from those of simpler patterns
  25. Inverse probability and the use of likelihood
  26. The genetical interpretation of statistics of the third degree in the study of quantitative inheritance