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  1. Soils and fertilizers
  2. Slugs in gardens: Their numbers, activities and distribution. Part 2
  3. Two new gall midges from Mauritius
  4. The competition between barley and certain weeds under controlled conditions
  5. Some aspects of the work at Rothamsted
  6. Balanced manuring
  7. Index of diversity as applied to ecological problems
  8. Occurrence of Vanessa Cardui (Lepidoptera) at sea off the West African coast
  9. Notes on the fat content of two british migrant moths (lepidoptera)
  10. Geographical variation in the wing length of Danaus Plexippus (Lep. Rhopalocera)
  11. Fertilizers during the war and after
  12. Agrochemistry
  13. Combine-drilling of phosphate fertilizers for cereals
  14. The effect of eyespot (Cercosporella herpotrichoides Fron.) on wheat and the influence of nitrogen on the disease
  15. The influence of periodic fallowing on the prevalence of viable weed seeds in arable soil
  16. Trace elements in relation to plant growth
  17. Winifred E Brenchley Obituary Notice
  18. The suppression of one plant virus by another
  19. The separation and properties of tobacco mosaic virus in different states of aggregation
  20. Protein precipitation and virus deactivation by extracts of strawberry plants
  21. Plant viruses and virus diseases
  22. Further studies on the purification and properties of a virus causing tobacco necrosis
  23. The influence of various physical and biological factors of the environment on honeybee activity - an examination of the relationship between activity and nectar concentration and abundance
  24. The incidence and distribution of some diseases of the adult honeybee (Apis-mellifera L) in England and Wales