Hoosfield Continuous Barley

D1 - Technical reports: non-confidential

Poulton, P. R. 1996. Hoosfield Continuous Barley. GCTE Focus 3 Office, Wallingford.

AuthorsPoulton, P. R.
TypeD1 - Technical reports: non-confidential
Year of Publication1996
PublisherGCTE Focus 3 Office, Wallingford
Page range86-88
Funder project or code222
Project: 031473
SeriesGlobal change and terrestrial ecosystems. Soil Organic Matter Network (SOMNET): 1996 model and experimental metadata. (Report no. 7, GCTE task 3.3.1)
EditorsPowlson, D. S., Smith, J. U. and Smith, P.

Permalink - https://repository.rothamsted.ac.uk/item/87896/hoosfield-continuous-barley

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