tRNA species in the developing grain of Triticum aestivum

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Norris, R. D., Lea, P. J. and Fowden, L. 1975. tRNA species in the developing grain of Triticum aestivum. Phytochemistry. 14 (8), pp. 1683-1686.

AuthorsNorris, R. D., Lea, P. J. and Fowden, L.

The level of lysyl- and prolyl-tRNA in various stages of the maturing wheat grain was measured by the aminoacylation procedure. The levels of these tRNAs changed only slightly during the maturation period. Several species of lysyl- and prolyl-tRNA were obtained from different parts of the developing grain by fractionation on benzoylated-DEAE cellulose (BD-cellulose). The embryo contained three discrete species of prolyl and at least three species of lysyl isoacceptor tRNA throughout development, whilst the tRNA obtained from the endosperm gave more complicated elution profiles on chromatography on BD-cellulose. Small changes were noted in the levels of aminoacylation of individual isoacceptor tRNA species for lysine or proline during seed maturation. However, these were insufficient to account for the changing pattern of lysine and proline in the storage protein during the development of the endosperm.

KeywordsGramineae; lysyl-RNA; prolyl-RNA; aminoacyl-RNA synthetase; grain maturation.
Year of Publication1975
Journal citation14 (8), pp. 1683-1686
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