Spatial Modelling of Within-Field Weed Populations - a Review

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Somerville, G. J., Sonderskov, M., Mathiassen, S. K. and Metcalfe, H. 2020. Spatial Modelling of Within-Field Weed Populations - a Review. Agronomy. 10 (7), p. 1044.

AuthorsSomerville, G. J., Sonderskov, M., Mathiassen, S. K. and Metcalfe, H.

Concerns around herbicide resistance, human risk, and the environmental impacts of current weed control strategies have led to an increasing demand for alternative weed management methods. Many new weed management strategies are under development; however, the poor availability of accurate weed maps, and a lack of confidence in the outcomes of alternative weed management strategies, has hindered their adoption. Developments in field sampling and processing, combined with spatial modelling, can support the implementation and assessment of new and more integrated weed management strategies. Our review focuses on the biological and mathematical aspects of assembling within-field weed models. We describe both static and spatio-temporal models of within-field weed distributions (including both cellular automata (CA) and non-CA models), discussing issues surrounding the spatial processes of weed dispersal and competition and the environmental and anthropogenic processes that affect weed spatial and spatio-temporal distributions. We also examine issues surrounding model uncertainty. By reviewing the current state-of-the-art in both static and temporally dynamic weed spatial modelling we highlight some of the strengths and weaknesses of current techniques, together with current and emerging areas of interest for the application of spatial models, including targeted weed treatments, economic analysis, herbicide resistance and integrated weed management, the dispersal of biocontrol agents, and invasive weed species.

KeywordsSpatio-temporal models ; Integrated weed management; Weed mapping; Targeted weed treatment; Site specific weed management
Year of Publication2020
Journal citation10 (7), p. 1044
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