1. Field experiments at Rothamsted during 1923-1924
  2. A study of butterfly migration in South India and Ceylon based largely on records by Messers J Evershed, E E Green, J C F Fryer and W Ormiston
  3. Records of migratory insects chiefly from Africa
  4. A Chart-recording Weighing Machine for Beekeeping or other Research
  5. A synopsis of the Thysnopterous family Urothripidae
  6. Green manuring Rothamsted Conference RC No 3
  7. The culture and manuring of sugar beet Rothamsted Conference RC No 4
  8. The art and science cultivation Rothamsted Conference RC No 5
  9. Recent Work on Virus Diseases in Plants
  10. Field experiments at Rothamsted during 1925-26 Parts I and II
  11. Fourth report on the Institute of Brewing's experiments on the influence of soil, season, and manuring on the quality and growth of barley 1925
  12. The Present Status of Soil Microbiology and its Bearing Upon Agricultural Practice
  13. The chalk lands of England
  14. On agriculture in Palestine
  15. Bio-chemical decomposition of cellulosic materials, with special reference to the action of fungi
  16. The effect of protozoa and fungi on certain biochemical processes when inoculated into partially sterilized soil
  17. An improved method for the determination of dissolved oxygen in water
  18. Biochemistry of water-logged soils II The presence of a deaminase in water-logged soils and its role in the production of ammonia
  19. Biochemistry of water-logged soils Part I The effect of water-logging on the different forms of nitrogen, on the reaction, on the gaseous relationships, and on the bacterial flora
  20. On the Existence of Daily Changes in the Bacterial Numbers in American Soil
  21. The relationship between the chemical constitution of organic compounds and their toxicity to insects
  22. Recent investigations on contact insecticides
  23. Studies On Contact Insecticides Part V The toxicity of the amines and n-heterocyclic compounds to Aphis rumicus. L. (the bean aphis)
  24. Studies On Contact Insecticides Part VI The insecticidal action of the fatty acids. Their methyl esters and sodium and ammonium salts
  25. Investigations on the behaviour of hygrometric hairs
  26. The place of green manuring in British agriculture
  27. Some recent researches on soil colloids
  28. Field observations on starch production in the leaves of the potato
  29. The insect and other invertebrate fauna of arable land at Rothamsted II
  30. Reaktion des Bodens und Pflanzenwachstum
  31. Laboratory and field experiments on the use of 3: 5-dinitro-o-cresol and the sodium salt for winter spraying
  32. Biochemistry (plants)
  33. Studies in the physical properties of soils: IV. A further contribution to the theory of capillary phenomena in soil
  34. The limited role of capillarity in supplying water to plant roots
  35. A new dynamometer for all types of horse and power drawn implements
  36. the value of the dynamometer in cultivation experiments
  37. The qualitative and quantitative effects of food on the growth of a soil amoeba (Hartmanella hyalina)
  38. Soil protozoa and bacteria in relation to their environment
  39. The qualitative and quantitative effects of food on the growth of a soil amoeba (Hartmanella hyalina)
  40. The effect of soil storage and water content on the protozoan population
  41. Experiments on the physiology and genetics the smut fungi - Hyphal-fusion
  42. On the Tracheal System of Collembola, with special reference to that of Sminthurus viridis, Lubb
  43. On the tracheal system of Collembola, with special reference to that of Sminthurus viridis (Linne)
  44. Methods for collecting parasites of earwigs
  45. On the Occurrence of Intermediates in Aphis rumicis L. and their Relation to the Alate and Apterous Viviparous Females
  46. On some Aphides infesting Tulips
  47. The place of the tractor in soil cultivation
  48. Some physical and physico-chemical effects of soil organic matter
  49. The American agricultural research and advisory system
  50. Science of the year - 1927 The biological sciences
  51. The quantitative study of soil fungi
  52. Immunity of potato varieties from attack by the wart disease fungus, synchytrium endob ioticum (schilb.) Perc.
  53. On the algae of some normal English soils
  54. On the carbon nutrition of some algae isolated from soil
  55. Soils and fertilisers
  56. Chemical aspects of soil cultivation
  57. A manometric apparatus for the direct determination of summation percentage curves in mechanical analysis
  58. Some physical properties of heavy alkaline / alkiline soils under irrigation in the Sudan Gezira
  59. Soil Classification and Soil Surveys
  60. Nomographs for use in mechanical analysis calculations
  61. The direct determination of distribution curves of particle size in suspension
  62. Sulphur treatment of soil and the control of wart disease of potatoes in pot experiments
  63. The role of boron in the growth of plants
  64. The inter-relation between silicon and other elements in plant nutrition
  65. On the distribution of the error of an interpolated value, and on the construction of tables
  66. On some objections to mimicry theory; statistical and genetic
  67. Studies in crop variation: IV. The experimental determination of the value of top dressings with cereals