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  1. A comparative physiological study of sugar-beet and mangold with respect to growth and sugar accumulation I Growth analysis of the crop in the field
  2. The Macaulay Institute for Soil Research Aberdeen University Review Collected Papers: Vol. 1-10
  3. The migration of the cabbage white butterfly
  4. Recent Progress in the Study of Some North American Migrant Butterflies
  5. The migration of butterflies in India
  6. Crystalline and liquid crystalline viruses
  7. Discussion on recent work on heavy proteins in virus infection and its bearing on the nature of viruses
  8. Comparative effects of cobalt, nickel and copper on plant growth
  9. Studies on American foul brood of bees II. The germination of the endospores of bacillus larvae in media containing embryonic tissues
  10. Recent advances in mathematical statistics: Recent work on the analysis of variance
  11. Some difficulties in the statistical analysis of replicated experiments
  12. The omission or addition of an independent variate in multiple linear regression
  13. Note on J. B. S. Haldane's paper: “ The exact value of the moments of the distribution of χ2.” (p 133–143)
  14. Field experiments on the control of wireworms
  15. An extension of Gold's method of examining the apparent persistence of one type of weather
  16. Crop estimation and its relation to agricultural meteorology
  17. Liquid crystalline preparations of potato virus “X”
  18. Crystalline preparations of tomato bushy stunt virus
  19. A plant virus preparation in a fully crystalline state
  20. A note on some protein constituents of normal tobacco and tomato leaves
  21. Orthogonal functions and tests of significance in the analysis of variance
  22. The gain in efficiency resulting from the use of balanced designs
  23. The statistical utilization of multiple measurements
  24. The analysis of groups of experiments
  25. The physical basis of soil structure