1. Proteolytic activity of preparations of crystallized ribonuclease
  2. The isolation and some properties of a virus-inhibiting protein from Phytolacca esculenta
  3. The Identity of Earthworms Stored by Moles
  4. Differentiation of the Vegetative and Sporogenous Phases of the Actinomycetes 3. Variation in the Actinomyces coelicolor species-group
  5. Studies on the storage of potatoes I. Changes in composition during storage
  6. Some factors affecting the extraction of nitrogenous materials from leaves of various species
  7. Ionic diffusion and electrical conductivity in sands and clays
  8. Methods of recording aphid populations for use in research on potato virus diseases
  9. Experiments on the Spread of Rugose Mosaic and Leaf Roll in Potato Crops in 1946
  10. Aphis migration and the efficiency of the trapping method
  11. The effects of serum and of hyaluronic acid derivatives on the action of hyaluronidase
  12. The preparation and some properties of hyaluronic acid from human umbilical cord
  13. Physiological studies on nodule formation: I. The relation between nodulation and lateral root formation in red clover
  14. The Validity of Comparative Experiments
  15. Limitation of Bacteria by Micro-Predators in Soil
  16. On Estimating the Population of Aphids in A Potato Field
  17. The Transformation of Poisson, Binomial and Negative-Binomial Data
  18. The effect of infection with tobacco-mosaic virus on the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, protease, and pectase in tobacco leaves and on their response to fertilizers
  19. The effect of fertilizers on the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, protease, and pectase in healthy tobacco leaves
  20. An alkali-producing mechanism in macerated leaves
  21. Development of ideas on the nature of viruses
  22. Equipment used for trapping and identifying alate aphides
  23. Experiments on the spread of potato virus X between plants in contact
  24. The manuring of potatoes
  25. Soils and fertilizers
  26. Soil and the farmer
  27. The role of fertilizers in the national economy
  28. Fertilizers during the war and after
  29. The toxic action of molybdenum in relation to soils and crops
  30. Suggestions for the control of wild oats
  31. Variations in the properties of potato virus x and their effects on its interactions with ribonuclease and proteolytic enzymes
  32. Studies on the importance and control of potato virus x
  33. Photosynthesis and predisposition of plants to infection with certain viruses
  34. Systematic sampling
  35. The analysis of contingency tables with groupings based on quantitative characters
  36. Physics in agriculture
  37. Total synthesis of some pyrethrins
  38. Natural evaporation from open water, bare soil and grass