Protein and nucleic-acid of beet yellows virus

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Carpenter, J. M., Kassanis, B. and White, R. F. 1977. Protein and nucleic-acid of beet yellows virus. Virology. 77 (1), pp. 101-109.

AuthorsCarpenter, J. M., Kassanis, B. and White, R. F.

By analysis on SDS-polyacrylamide gels, the coat protein of beet yellows virus was shown to consist of a single polypeptide of molecular weight about 22,400. The amino acid composition and tryptic peptide map also indicate a molecular size close to 22,000. Viral RNA comprising 6% by weight of the particles is single stranded and has the base composition U, 23%; C, 22%; A, 27%; G, 28%. Its size, estimated by sedimentation and gel electrophoresis, is close to 4.6 × 106. We propose that in the virus particle the single helical RNA strand is embedded at a radius of 3.3 nm in a protein coat comprised of approximately 3400 protein subunits, giving a total particle weight of 80 million daltons.

Year of Publication1977
Journal citation77 (1), pp. 101-109
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Print01 Mar 1977
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Accepted08 Oct 1976
PublisherAcademic Press Inc Elsevier Science

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