Primula obconica, a carrier of tobacco necrosis viruses

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Bawden, F. C. and Kassanis, B. 1947. Primula obconica, a carrier of tobacco necrosis viruses. Annals of Applied Biology - AAB. 34 (1), pp. 127-135.

AuthorsBawden, F. C. and Kassanis, B.

A tobacco necrosis virus has been isolated from the leaves and flowers of naturally infected Primula obconica plants. Although the virus produces no necrotic symptoms, it is not distributed uniformly through primulas, but occurs only in isolated regions, most of the tissues being apparently virus-free. When inoculated to healthy primulas, three tobacco necrosis viruses were found to behave similarly. They all enter and multiply locally, but produce no symptoms; movement from the inoculated areas occurs only rarely and then does not cause a full systemic infection but only further localized infections. Multiplication of the viruses in primula is slower than in tobacco or French bean, which react necrotically. The uncertainties in interpreting results of tests for tobacco necrosis viruses are described and possible explanations of natural infections are discussed.

Year of Publication1947
JournalAnnals of Applied Biology - AAB
Journal citation34 (1), pp. 127-135
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