The behaviour of some naturally occurring strains of potato virus y

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Bawden, F. C. and Kassanis, B. 1947. The behaviour of some naturally occurring strains of potato virus y. Annals of Applied Biology - AAB. 34 (4), pp. 503-516.

AuthorsBawden, F. C. and Kassanis, B.

Potato virus Y was obtained from field crops of potatoes in many strains which differed widely in virulence and caused diseases in the variety Majestic ranging from severe leaf-drop streak to mild mosaic. The symptoms caused by these strains in seven potato varieties and tobacco are described and compared with those caused by the serologically related potato virus C. No changes were noted in the behaviour of any of the strains over three years, during which they were transmitted to many different plants. Potato virus C was not transmitted by Myzus persicae, the most efficient vector of other strains of virus Y. Nor was virus C transmitted by eleven other species of aphides, eight of which transmitted virus Y. The efficiency with which different species acted as vectors of virus Y varied greatly, and it is suggested that in some species only occasional individuals can transmit. Possible mechanisms for the evolution of viruses C and Y are indicated, and the effects of changes in virus, vector, and host on the prevalence of insect-transmitted viruses are discussed.

Year of Publication1947
JournalAnnals of Applied Biology - AAB
Journal citation34 (4), pp. 503-516
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