Demystifying racemic natural products in the homochiral world

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Bitchagno-Mbahbou, G., Nchiozem-Ngnitedem, V., Melchert, D. and Fobofou, S. A. 2022. Demystifying racemic natural products in the homochiral world. Nature Reviews Chemistry. 6 (11), pp. 806-822.

AuthorsBitchagno-Mbahbou, G., Nchiozem-Ngnitedem, V., Melchert, D. and Fobofou, S. A.

Natural products possess structural complexity, diversity and chirality with attractive functions and biological activities that have significantly impacted drug discovery initiatives.
Chiral natural products are abundant in nature but rarely occur as racemates. The occurrence of natural products as racemates is very intriguing from a biosynthetic point of view; as enzymes are chiral molecules, enzymatic reactions generating natural products should be stereospecific and
lead to single-enantiomer products. Despite several reports in the literature describing racemic mixtures of stereoisomers isolated from natural sources, there has not been a comprehensive review of these intriguing racemic natural products. The discovery of many more natural
racemates and their potential enzymatic sources in recent years allows us to describe the distribution and chemical diversity of this ‘class of natural products’ to enrich discussions on biosynthesis. In this Review, we describe the chemical classes, occurrence and distribution of pairs of enantiomers in nature and provide insights about recent advances in analytical methods used for their characterization. Special emphasis is on the biosynthesis, including plausible enzymatic and non-enzymatic formation of natural racemates, and their pharmacological significance

Year of Publication2022
JournalNature Reviews Chemistry
Journal citation6 (11), pp. 806-822
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Online14 Oct 2022
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