1. Report on Froghopper Blight of Sugar-cane in Trinidad
  2. Biological studies of Aphis Rumicis Linn.
  3. The preparation and fractionation of humic acid - The formation of humus
  4. The killing of botrytis spores by phenol
  5. The improvement of peaty soils Part I True peats
  6. Agricultural chemistry and vegetable physiology
  7. Science and modern farming
  8. The economical use of artificial manures on the farm
  9. Modern applications of chemistry to crop production
  10. The larval and pupal stages of the Bibionidae
  11. Dephenolisation in soil I
  12. Obituary Notice Percival Spencer Umfreville Pickering 6 March 1858 – 5 December 1920
  13. On the Life History of Wireworms of the Genus Agriotes, Esch., with Some notes on that of Athous Haemorrhoidalis, F. Part II
  14. Biological studies of Aphis Rumicis Linn. 1746 Part II
  15. Biological studies of Aphis Rumicis Linn. 1746 Part 1
  16. Biological studies of Aphis rumicis, L A Appearance of winged forms. B. Appearance of sexual forms
  17. The relation between the clay content of certain physical properties of a soil
  18. The factors determining soil temperature
  19. The evaporation of water from soil. II.: Influence of soil type and manurial treatment
  20. On a form of Botrytis Cinerea with colourless Scherotia
  21. Root development in barley and wheat under different conditions of growth
  22. The development of the flower and grain of barley
  23. Studies on soil reaction. I. A resume
  24. Studies on soil reaction. II. The colorimetric determination of the hydrogen ion concentration in soils and aqueous soil extracts
  25. Studies in crop variation. 1. An examination of the yield of dressed grain from Broadbalk