The factors determining soil temperature

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Keen, B. A. and Russell, E. J. 1921. The factors determining soil temperature. The Journal of Agricultural Science. 11 (3), pp. 211-239.

AuthorsKeen, B. A. and Russell, E. J.

The general principles regulating soil temperature are well known.

Measurements in deep mines and wells indicate the existence of a temperature gradient in the earth's crust from the interior outwards, which causes a flow of heat to the surface at a sensibly constant rate. Extensive measurements were carried out by Forbes and by William Thomson (afterwards Lord Kelvin) who worked up the former's experimental values, and later by a Committee of the British Association, which concluded that an average of “41·4 gramme-degrees of heat escape annually through a sq. cm. of a horizontal section of the earth's substance.” For our present purpose this source of heat is negligible.

Year of Publication1921
JournalThe Journal of Agricultural Science
Journal citation11 (3), pp. 211-239
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