The evaporation of water from soil. II.: Influence of soil type and manurial treatment

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Keen, B. A. 1921. The evaporation of water from soil. II.: Influence of soil type and manurial treatment. The Journal of Agricultural Science. 11 (4), pp. 432-440.

AuthorsKeen, B. A.

Further experiments have been done on the evaporation of water from soil, using the same apparatus and technique as described in an earlier paper. The present series of experiments was designed to investigate the effect of clay content and manurial treatment on the evaporation. Two soils have been used, one containing only 6% clay and the other 15%, and from each soil samples were taken from plots which had received (a) no manure, (b) artificial manure, (c) farmyard manure. The rate at which the soils lost water over concentrated sulphuric acid and at a constant temperature, was found to depend firstly on the amount of clay present, and secondly on the amount of organic material in the soil. The differences due to content of organic material were more obvious in the soil containing the larger amount of clay; the farmyard manure plot lost water at the slowest rate, and the unmanured plot occupied an intermediate position. In the sandy soil the differences in evaporation due to manuring were small.

There is evidence that the moisture equivalent of these soils measures the percentage of water at which the evaporation is first directly affected by the soil particles, and that at percentages of water in excess of the moisture equivalent evaporation is taking place substantially from a free water surface.

Year of Publication1921
JournalThe Journal of Agricultural Science
Journal citation11 (4), pp. 432-440
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