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  1. The “inoculation” of lucerne (Medicago sativa, L.) in Great Britain
  2. The influence of the number of nodule bacteria applied to the seed upon nodule formation in legumes
  3. The effect of fresh straw on the growth of certain legumes
  4. Button Top of basket willows
  5. Unisexual families in Rhabdophaga heterobia H. Lw.(Cecidomyidae, Diptera). Ent
  6. Gall midges (dipt., Cecidomyidae) as enemies of aphids
  7. Two gall midges (Cecidomyidae) found in stored products
  8. Soils and fertilisers
  9. An error in soil reaction determinations by the quinhydrone method
  10. Note on a simple two compartment electrodialysis cell for the determina tion of exchangeable bases
  11. The flow of clay pastes through narrow tubes
  12. A note on some experiments dealing with sulphur treatment of a soil and its effect on wheat yield
  13. The phosphate requirement of barley at different periods of growth
  14. Fertilizer trials in 1929
  15. Note on the X2 test for goodness of fit
  16. On the frequency distribution of any number of deviates from the mean of a sample from a normal population and the partial correlations between them
  17. A study in sampling technique: the effect of artificial fertilisers on the yield of potatoes
  18. A problem in combinatorial analysis giving the distribution of certain moment statistics
  19. Fertilizer trials on the ordinary farm
  20. The variability of species in the Lepidoptera, with reference to abundance and sex
  21. Tests of significance in harmonic analysis
  22. Studies in crop variation: VI. Experiments on the response of the potato to potash and nitrogen
  23. The sieve of Eratosthenes
  24. A preliminary note on the effect of sodium silicate in increasing the yield of barley