1. XVIII The constancy of the viscosity of strong lithium chloride solutions at low velocity gradients
  2. Further evidence upon the nitrogen uptake of grass grown with lucerne
  3. The effect of sodium nitrate on the growth and nitrogen content of a lucerne and grass mixture
  4. An Examination of the Degtjareff Method for Determining Soil Organic Matter, and a Proposed Modification of the Chromic Acid Titration Method
  5. The Asparagus Miner (Melan Agromyza Simplex H. Loew) (Agromyzidae; Diptera)
  6. Some biological and economic aspects of the gall midges
  7. Sudden outbreaks of insect pests
  8. Studies of fluctuations in insect populations III The gall midge, Rhabdophaga heterobia HLW, on black maul variety of Salix Triandra At Syston, leicestershire, 1927-1933
  9. Soils and fertilisers
  10. British immigrant insects
  11. CP32Treatment of apple pomace for pectic extraction
  12. Basic slags and mineral phosphates
  13. Infectivity of summer Sporangia of potato wart disease in incipient infections on varieties immune in the field
  14. Studies in the absorption of calcium from nutrient solutions with special reference to the presence or absence of boron
  15. The fertilising value and nitrifiability of humic materials prepared from coal (with three text-figures)
  16. The effect of rubidium sulphate and palladium chloride on the growth of plants
  17. Observer's bias in sampling-observations on wheat
  18. A complex pig-feeding experiment
  19. The analysis of multiple classifications with unequal numbers in the different classes
  20. The 6× 6 latin squares
  21. Contingency tables involving small numbers and the chi-squared test
  22. The effect of environmental conditions upon pyrethrum (chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium). II
  23. The effect of environmental conditions upon pyrethrum (chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium). I
  24. An apparatus for testing contact insecticides
  25. A comparison of English and Canadian tomato virus diseases