ISSR, ERIC and RAPD techniques to detect genetic diversity in the aphid pathogen Pandora neoaphidis

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Tymon, A. M. and Pell, J. K. 2005. ISSR, ERIC and RAPD techniques to detect genetic diversity in the aphid pathogen Pandora neoaphidis. Mycological Research. 109 (3), pp. 285-293.

AuthorsTymon, A. M. and Pell, J. K.

The entomopathogenic fungus Pandora neoaphidis is an important natural enemy of aphids. ISSR, ERIC (Enterobacterial Repetitive Intergenic Consensus) and RAPD PCR-based DNA fingerprint analyses were undertaken to study intra-specific variation amongst 30 isolates of P. neoaphidis worldwide, together with six closely related species of Entomophthorales. All methods yielded scorable binary characters, and distance matrices were constructed from both individual and combined data sets. Neighbour-joining was used to construct consensus phylogenetic trees which showed that although P. neoaphidis isolates were highly polymorphic they separated into a monophyletic group compared with the other Entomophthorales tested. Three distinct subclades were found, with UK isolates occupying two of these. No specific correlation with aphid host species was established for any of the isolates apart from those in one cluster which contained isolates obtained from nettle aphid, Microlophium carnosum. ERIC, ISSR and RAPD analysis allowed the rapid genetic characterisation and differentiation of isolates with the generation of potential isolate- and cluster specific-diagnostic DNA markers.

Year of Publication2005
JournalMycological Research
Journal citation109 (3), pp. 285-293
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PubMed ID15912945
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Novel strategies for aphid control using entomopathogenic fungi
Utilising populations of natural enemies for control of cereal aphids
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Online04 Feb 2008
Print01 Mar 2005
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Accepted11 Nov 2004
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PublisherThe British Mycological Society (BMS)

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