Transmission of Pandora neoaphidis in the presence of co-occurring arthropods

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Baverstock, J., Baverstock, K. E., Clark, S. J. and Pell, J. K. 2008. Transmission of Pandora neoaphidis in the presence of co-occurring arthropods. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology. 98 (3), pp. 356-359.

AuthorsBaverstock, J., Baverstock, K. E., Clark, S. J. and Pell, J. K.

Transmission of the entomopathogenic fungus Pandora neoaphidis to the nettle aphid Microlophium carnosum was assessed in the presence of arthropods that co-exist with the fungus within the habitat but do not compete for aphid hosts. The presence of a parasitoid significantly enhanced transmission, and transmission rates were similar for both enemy and non-enemy parasitoids. Although herbivory of nettle leaves by Peacock butterfly (Inchis io) caterpillars indirectly reduced the number of M. carnosum by >30% due to a reduction in leaf area for feeding, the addition of I. io significantly increased transmission of P. neoaphidis in the remaining aphids. It is likely that enhanced transmission in the presence of A. rhopalosiphii and I. io is due to disturbance and subsequent movement of the aphid, resulting in contact with conidia deposited on the leaf surface. The presence and impact of co-occurring arthropods should be taken into consideration when assessing the transmission of fungal entomopathogens.

KeywordsPandora neoaphidis; Aphidius rhopalosiphi; Aphidius microlophii; Inachis io; Transmission
Year of Publication2008
JournalJournal of Invertebrate Pathology
Journal citation98 (3), pp. 356-359
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Centre for Mathematical and Computational Biology (MCB)
Arable crops ecosystems - habitat diversification, crop management and natural enemies for crop protection and biodiversity
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Online14 Feb 2008
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