The ‘Isle of Wight Disease’: The origin and significance of the myth

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Bailey, L. 1964. The ‘Isle of Wight Disease’: The origin and significance of the myth. Bee World. 45 (1), pp. 32-37.

AuthorsBailey, L.

Recent discoveries of external acarine mites in widely separated parts of the world have focussed interest on acarine disease in many countries which have previously ignored it, and some of the publications in which information is sought are misleading, to say the least. Dr. Bailey, from Rothamsted Experimental Station, is known for his sound sense and original thinking on bee diseases, which are backed by much careful research work. In this article he sets out the evidence about the occurrence of acarine disease?and ?Isle of Wight? disease?in the present century, and draws conclusions which are both convincing and startling. The article is the text of a lecture given to the Central Association of Bee-keepers in London last March, and is reprinted with their permission.

Year of Publication1964
JournalBee World
Journal citation45 (1), pp. 32-37
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PublisherTaylor & Francis

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