Further experiments on the drifting of honey-bees

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Free, J. B. and Spencer-Booth, Y. 1961. Further experiments on the drifting of honey-bees. The Journal of Agricultural Science. 57 (2), pp. 153-158. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0021859600047626

AuthorsFree, J. B. and Spencer-Booth, Y.

1. Worker bees learnt the colour of their hive in the close vicinity to their hive entrance and took little or no notice of colours above the lower brood chamber. They orientated to a colour below the entrance more than to a colour above. They did not learn combinations of colours.

2. They distinguished between certain symbols placed immediately above the hive entrance.

3. They learnt the height of their hive and the height of its entrance above ground.

4. More worker bees and drones from queenright colonies drifted to queenless than to queenright colonies. Drones expelled from queenright colonies did not drift to queenless colonies.

Year of Publication1961
JournalThe Journal of Agricultural Science
Journal citation57 (2), pp. 153-158
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.1017/S0021859600047626
Web address (URL)https://doi.org/10.1017/S0021859600047626
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PublisherCambridge University Press (CUP)

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