Some properties of a mechanism delaying penetration of insecticides into houseflies

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Sawicki, R. M. and Lord, K. A. 1970. Some properties of a mechanism delaying penetration of insecticides into houseflies. Pesticide Science. 1 (5), pp. 213-217.

AuthorsSawicki, R. M. and Lord, K. A.

The penetration of insecticides into houseflies, with and without the factor that delays penetration, was studied by measuring the amounts of the insecticides on the surface of the flies at intervals after treatment. The factor slowed the entry of all the insecticides tested, but its effect depended on the dose, and had little or no effect when the dose applied was big (20 μmUg/fiy). Penetration in all strains, susceptible and resistant, increased but not proportionally to the size of the dose. The rate insecticide was lost from the surface slowed with time and increasing age of the insects. It was faster in males than females, and was always faster in flies without the penetration factor. The differences in penetration between the flies with and without the factor was less with n-dodecane as solvent than with acetone.

With all strains, rate of loss from the surface was slowest with dieldrin. Diazinon, parathion and chlorthion-ethyl were lost at about the same rate; diazoxon penetrated fastest.

Year of Publication1970
JournalPesticide Science
Journal citation1 (5), pp. 213-217
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