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  1. Insects and other pests injurious to the production of seed in herbage and forage crops
  2. The Asparagus Miner (Melan Agromyza Simplex H. Loew) (Agromyzidae; Diptera)
  3. The Hollyhock Seed Moth (Platyedra Malvella Hubn.), together with notes on the distribution of Apion Radiolus Kirby and an associated Glinodiplosis species
  4. Methods of investigating the bionomics of the common crane-fly, tipula paludos a meigen, together with some results
  5. Soils and fertilisers
  6. Butterfly migrations in the tropics - Set E.58
  7. Butterfly migrations in the tropics
  8. The migrations of day-flying moths of the genus Urania in tropical America
  9. Observations on the effect of molybdenum on plants with special reference to the solanaceae
  10. The influence of boron on the second year's growth of sugar beet affected with heart-rot
  11. Correlation of manuring and botanical composition of continuous hay crops
  12. Problems arising in the analysis of a series of similar experiments
  13. The efficiencies of the binomial series tests of significance of a mean and of a correlation coefficient
  14. A catalogue of uniformity trial data
  15. The relationships between liquid crystalline preparations of cucumber viruses 3 and 4 and strains of tobacco mosaic virus
  16. Liquid crystalline preparations of cucumber viruses 3 and 4
  17. A further note on the arrangement of variety trials: quasi‐Latin squares
  18. The use of logarithms in the interpretation of certain entomological problems
  19. The isolation and some properties of liquid crystalline substances from solanaceous plants infected with three strains of tobacco mosaic virus
  20. The biology of leptobyrsa rhododendri horvath (hemiptera, tingitidae), the rhododendron lacebug: Feeding habits and the histology of the feeding lesions produced in rhododendron leaves
  21. The relative values of man, mouse, and domestic fowl as experimental hosts for the bed-bug, cimex lectularius l
  22. Determination of the Furfuraldehyde yield of soils and of plant materials admixed with soil