Optimal interpolation and isarithmic mapping of soil properties .1. The semi-variogram and punctual kriging

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Burgess, T. M. and Webster, R. 2019. Optimal interpolation and isarithmic mapping of soil properties .1. The semi-variogram and punctual kriging. European Journal of Soil Science. 70 (1), pp. 11-19. https://doi.org/10.1111/ejss.12784

AuthorsBurgess, T. M. and Webster, R.

Kriging is a means of spatial prediction that can be used for soil properties. It is a form of weighted local averaging. It is optimal in the sense that it provides estimates of values at unrecorded places without bias and with minimum and known variance. Isarithmic maps made by kriging are alternatives to conventional soil maps where properties can be measured at close spacings.
Kriging depends on first computing an accurate semi‐variogram, which measures the nature of spatial dependence for the property. Estimates of semi‐variance are then used to determine the weights applied to the data when computing the averages, and are presented in the kriging equations.
The method is applied to three sets of data from detailed soil surveys in Central Wales and Norfolk. Sodium content at Plas Gogerddan was shown to vary isotropically with a linear semi‐variogram. Ordinary punctual kriging produced a map with intricate isarithms and fairly large estimation variance, attributed to a large nugget effect. Stoniness on the same land varied anisotropically with a linear semi‐variogram, and again the estimation error of punctual kriging was fairly large. At Hole Farm, Norfolk, the thickness of cover loam varied isotropically, but with a spherical semi‐variogram. Its parameters were estimated and used to krige point values and produce a map showing substantial short‐range variation.

Year of Publication2019
JournalEuropean Journal of Soil Science
Journal citation70 (1), pp. 11-19
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.1111/ejss.12784
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Online30 Jan 2019

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