On the origin of the tensile strength of insect swarms

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Reynolds, A. M. 2019. On the origin of the tensile strength of insect swarms. Physical Biology.

AuthorsReynolds, A. M.

Traditionally animal groups have been characterized by the macroscopic patterns that they form. It is now recognised that such patterns convey limited information about the nature of the aggregation as a whole. Aggregate properties cannot be determined by passive observations alone; instead one must interact with them. One of the first such dynamical tests revealed that swarms of flying insects have macroscopic mechanical properties similar to solids, including a finite Young’s modulus and yield strength. Here I show, somewhat counterintuitively, that the emergence of these solid-like properties can be attributed to centre-of-mass movements (heat). This suggests that perturbations can drive phase transitions.

KeywordsInsect flight behaviours; Modelling
Year of Publication2019
JournalPhysical Biology
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)doi:10.1088/1478-3975/ab12b9
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Online26 Mar 2019
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