Non-volant modes of migration in terrestrial arthropods

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Reynolds, D. R., Reynolds, A. M. and Chapman, J. W. 2014. Non-volant modes of migration in terrestrial arthropods. Animal Migration. 2, pp. 8-28.

AuthorsReynolds, D. R., Reynolds, A. M. and Chapman, J. W.

Animal migration is often defined in terms appropriate only to the ‘to-and-fro’ movements of large, charismatic (and often vertebrate) species. However, like other important biological processes, the definition should apply over as broad a taxonomic range as possible in order to be intellectually satisfying. Here we illustrate the process of migration in insects and other terrestrial arthropods (e.g. arachnids, myriapods, and non-insect hexapods) but provide a different perspective by excluding the ‘typical’ mode of migration in insects, i.e. flapping flight. Instead, we review non-volant migratory movements, including: aerial migration by wingless species, pedestrian and waterborne migration, and phoresy. This reveals some fascinating and sometimes bizarre morphological and behavioural adaptations to facilitate movement. We also outline some innovative modelling approaches exploring the interactions between atmospheric transport processes and biological factors affecting the ‘dispersal kernels’ of wingless arthropods.

Keywordsmigration syndrome; embarkation behaviours; anemohoria; anemohydrochoria; aquatic insects; surface skimming; pedestrian migration; phoresy; wingless arthropods
Year of Publication2014
JournalAnimal Migration
Journal citation2, pp. 8-28
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FunderBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
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Movement and spatial ecology in agricultural landscapes
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Online24 Apr 2014
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Accepted16 Dec 2013
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