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Avery, B. W., Catt, J. A., Coleman, K., Pino-Chandia, L. and Ostler, R. 2024. Soil Map of Rothamsted Estate. Rothamsted Research.

AuthorsAvery, B. W., Catt, J. A., Coleman, K., Pino-Chandia, L. and Ostler, R.

The soil map of Rothamsted Estate is a new version of the original map published by Avery and Catt (1995). The current map was generated by creating a series of shapefiles in QGIS (v.3.22.8).

Year of Publication2024
PublisherRothamsted Research
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The original image corresponds to the map of Rothamsted Estate which illustrates 13 soil profiles (plus one un-surveyed/disturbed or made ground locations) published by Avery and Catt (1995). The image was scanned for a better resolution, and then projected using as coordinate reference system (CRS) the WGS84/UTM Zone 30 (EPSG:32630) in QGIS (v.3.22.8). A set of coordinates were georeferenced through the 'Georeferencer' tool in the Raster Menu aimed at geo-localise the image.
Fourteen shapefiles layers were constructed for each soil profile and the un-surveyed area. Each shape is linked to an attribute table which describe the field, the profile number (categorised by Avery & Catt 1995), the soil code (abbreviation for the soil category), soil description (long soil name), and notes.
Finally, a new version of the original image was obtained using QGIS which is also available in a colour-blind-friendly version.

- Avery, B.W. and Catt, J.A. (1995). The soil at Rothamsted. Lawes Agricultural Trust (ISBN:0951445650). Harpenden: IACR-Rothamsted.

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