Strategies to encourage better use of nitrogen in animal manures

D1 - Technical reports: non-confidential

Chambers, B. J., Smith, K. A. and Pain, B. F. 1999. Strategies to encourage better use of nitrogen in animal manures. Wiley.

AuthorsChambers, B. J., Smith, K. A. and Pain, B. F.
TypeD1 - Technical reports: non-confidential

Research conducted in the MAFF Nitrate Programme has been used to formulate new and improved guidelines on the efficient use of manure nitrogen (N). In order to reduce nitrate leaching losses, manures containing large amounts of available N (i.e. slurries and poultry manures) should not be applied to free-draining soils in the period from autumn to early winter. Also, for efficient nutrient utilization manure application rates should be consistent with agronomic requirements (up to 250 kg total N ha(-1) yr(-1)). Existing farm machinery was shown to be capable of applying manures evenly to grassland and arable stubbles, but required an accurate estimate of application rate and the careful matching of spreading widths. To provide growers with detailed guidance on the fertilizer N replacement value of manures the computer-based decision support system MANNER (MANure Nitrogen Evaluation Routine) has been developed. The much improved understanding of manure N losses and availability has been summarized in a series of 'Managing Livestock Manures' booklets, the MAFF Fertilizer Recommendation booklet and the Codes of Good Agricultural Practice.

KeywordsSoil Science
Year of Publication1999
Page range27-36
Funder project or codeFarm Wastes
Project: 2460 5103
SeriesTackling Nitrate from Agriculture, Strategy from Science

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