The Rothamsted Classical Experiments

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Johnston, A. E. 1994. The Rothamsted Classical Experiments. in: Johnston, A. E. and Leigh, R. A. (ed.) Long-term experiments in agricultural and ecological sciences Wallingford, Oxon CABI International, Wallingford, Oxon (CABI). pp. 9-37

AuthorsJohnston, A. E.
EditorsJohnston, A. E. and Leigh, R. A.

Part 1: The contribution of long-term experiments to agriculture and forestry 1: The importance of long-term experimentation, T R E Southwood FRS 2: The Rothamsted classical experiments, A E Johnston 3: The Sanborn Field Experiment, J R Brown 4: Long-term experimentation in forestry and site change, J Evans Part II: Unforeseen uses and benefits of long-term field experiments 5: Quantification of nutrient cycles using long-term experiments, D S Powlson 6: How the Rothamsted classical experiments have been used to develop and test models for the turnover of carbon and nitrogen in the soil, D S Jenkinson, N J Bradbury and K Coleman 7: Polyetic epidemics by plan or contingency, J C Zadoks 8: Historical monitoring of organic contaminants in soils, K C Jones, A E Johnston and S P McGrath 9: Statistics and the long-term experiments: past achievements and future challenges, V Barnett Part III: Current needs for long-term experiments in the development of agriculture 10: Long-term cropping experiments in developing countries: the need, the history and the future, D J Greenland 11: Long-term agricultural experiments in Poland and Romania Long-term continuous experiments in Poland, S Mercik 12: Some recent results from the long-term experiment at Fundulea, Romania, V Mihaila and C Hera 13: Long-term experiments in Africa: developing a database for sustainable land use under global change, M J Swift et al. 14: The management of long-term agricultural field experiments in Africa: procedures and policies evolved from the Rothamsted classical experiments, R A Leigh, R D Drew and A E Johnston Part IV: Monitoring long-term ecosystems: population dynamics and environmental change 15: Climate-vegetation relationships in the Bibury Road Verge experiments, J P Grime et al. 16: The Park Grass Experiment: insights from the most long-term ecological study, D Tilman et al. 17: Long-term studies of tropical forest dynamics, M D Swaine 18: Flying in the face of change: the Rothamsted insect survey, I P Woiwood and R Harrington 19: Long-term studies and monitoring of bird populations, J J D Greenwood, S R Baillie and H Q P Crick 20: Long-term planktonic time series as monitors of marine environmental change, J C Gamble 21: The sensitivity of freshwater planktonic communities to environmental change: monitoring, mechanisms and models, C Maberly et al. 22: Monitoring environmental change through networks, P B Tinker

Page range9-37
Year of Publication1994
Book titleLong-term experiments in agricultural and ecological sciences
PublisherCABI International, Wallingford, Oxon (CABI)
Place of publicationWallingford, Oxon
ISBN 978-0851989334
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