Potassium fertilization: paradox or K management dilemma?

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Bar-Yosef, B., Magen, H., Johnston, A. E. and Kirkby, E. A. 2015. Potassium fertilization: paradox or K management dilemma? Renewable Agriculture And Food Systems. 30 (2), pp. 115-119. https://doi.org/10.1017/S1742170514000295

AuthorsBar-Yosef, B., Magen, H., Johnston, A. E. and Kirkby, E. A.

In 2014, Khan et al. presented evidence that soil exchangeable K (Exch-K) increases over time without addition of potassium (K) to the soil despite the removal of K in crops on a soil rich in montmorillonite and illite. The authors term this behavior ‘The potassium paradox’. From their review of the literature, the authors also report a lack of crop response to potassium chloride (KCl) fertilization. Close evaluation of these findings reveals that their observations can be interpreted and predicted using current knowledge of K in soil chemistry and its uptake by plants, and there is no paradox in K behavior in the soil–plant system. There is also no evidence of a detrimental effect of KCl on crop yield or quality. Their conclusion that the widely used Exch-K soil test is inadequate for managing K fertilization is discussed and some possible modifications to improve its performance are included. We believe that measurement of Exch-K is an essential and valuable tool and its use should be continued, along with improvements in recommending K fertilizer application.

Year of Publication2015
JournalRenewable Agriculture And Food Systems
Journal citation30 (2), pp. 115-119
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