A population genetics model of marker-assisted selection

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Luo, Z. W., Thompson, R. and Woolliams, J. A. 1997. A population genetics model of marker-assisted selection. Genetics. 146 (3), pp. 1173-1183.

AuthorsLuo, Z. W., Thompson, R. and Woolliams, J. A.

A deterministic two-loci model was developed to predict genetic response to marker-assisted selection (MAS) in one generation and in multiple generations. Formulas were derived to relate linkage disequilibrium in a population to the proportion of additive genetic variance used by MAS, and in turn to an extra improvement in genetic response over phenotypic selection. Predictions of the response were compared to those predicted by using an infinite-loci model and the factors affecting efficiency of MAS were examined. Theoretical analyses of the present study revealed the nonlinearity between the selection intensity and genetic response in MAS. In addition to the heritability of the trait and the proportion of the marker-associated genetic variance, the frequencies of the selectively favorable alleles at the two loci, one marker and one quantitative trait locus, were found to play an important role in determining both the short- and long-term efficiencies of MAS. The evolution of linkage disequilibrium and thus the genetic response over several generations were predicted theoretically and examined by simulation. MAS dissipated the disequilibrium more quickly than drift alone. In some cases studied, the rate of dissipation was as large as that to be expected in the circumstance where the true recombination fraction was increased by three times and selection was absent.

Year of Publication1997
Journal citation146 (3), pp. 1173-1183
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