Investigating resistance to Barley mild mosaic virus

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Mcgrann, G. R. D. and Adams, M. J. 2004. Investigating resistance to Barley mild mosaic virus. Plant Pathology. 53 (2), pp. 161-169.

AuthorsMcgrann, G. R. D. and Adams, M. J.

There are claims that at least 11 genes confer resistance in barley (Hordeum vulgaris) to one or more components of the soilborne barley mosaic virus complex but, apart from the immunity conferred by the widely used gene rym4, little is known about their mode of action. This study used mechanical (sap) and plasmodiophorid vector-inoculation techniques combined with ELISA, RT-PCR, symptom development and virus transmission to investigate the response of different genotypes to Barley mild mosaic virus (BaMMV). Barley genotypes were grown at 20 and 12degreesC to test for temperature sensitivity. Plants with the genes rym3 or rym6 were fully susceptible to the virus, whereas those with genes rym1, Rym2, rym5 or rym11 appeared to be immune, as BaMMV was never detected in any tissue type nor was the virus transmitted from them to susceptible genotypes. The remaining genotypes could all be infected to some extent by BaMMV using one or both inoculation methods, and virus could be transmitted from their roots by the plasmodiophorid vector Polymyxa graminis. Plants with the rym7 gene had delayed symptoms compared to susceptible controls at 12degreesC. Plants with the rym8 gene could be infected by both inoculation methods, but there was no virus in the leaves at 12degreesC. Plants with the rym9 gene could be infected only by vector inoculation, and virus remained localized in the roots. Plants with the rym10 gene appeared susceptible by mechanical inoculation at both temperatures, but after vector inoculation virus moved to leaves only at 20degreesC. This suggests the operation of translocation resistance in plants with the rym8, rym9 or rym10 genes, which is temperature-sensitive in rym8 and rym10 and perhaps tissue-specific in rym9. No resistance to P. graminis was observed in any of the genotypes.

KeywordsAgronomy; Plant Sciences
Year of Publication2004
JournalPlant Pathology
Journal citation53 (2), pp. 161-169
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