Effector-mediated partial and nonhost disease resistance in wheat

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Rudd, J. J. 2023. Effector-mediated partial and nonhost disease resistance in wheat. New Phytologist. 238, pp. 1340-1342. https://doi.org/10.1111/nph.18872

AuthorsRudd, J. J.

Plants are considered to have three major forms of resistance against pathogen infection. The first is ‘non host resistance’, which operates broadly at the species level, meaning all members of a plant species generally resist all members of the would-be pathogen species. The other two systems operate at the ‘host’ level. ‘Qualitative host resistance’ is seen when an individual plant cultivar (or genotype)completely resists attempted attack by an individual pathogen strain, whilst ‘partial resistance’ is when a plant cannot completely defend itself. Each of these systems have some underlying molecular principles which will be outlined later. In this issue of New Phytologist, Meile et al.(2023; pp. 1562–1577) describe a novel mechanism by which both partial and non host resistance can be achieved in wheat facing the fungal pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici and its closely related species.

KeywordsEffector-triggered Immunity; PAMP-triggered Immunity; Dothideomycetes; Fungal effectors; Hypersensitive Response; Plant disease resistance; Stomatal guard cells; Diversifying selection
Year of Publication2023
JournalNew Phytologist
Journal citation238, pp. 1340-1342
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.1111/nph.18872
Open accessPublished as ‘gold’ (paid) open access
FunderBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
Funder project or codeDFW - Designing Future Wheat - Work package 2 (WP2) - Added value and resilience
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Online31 Mar 2023

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