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Chamberlain, A. T., Mead, A., Rivero, M. J. and Wilkinson, J. M. 2022. GrazeMore - grazing activity data. Rothamsted Research.

AuthorsChamberlain, A. T., Mead, A., Rivero, M. J. and Wilkinson, J. M.

Grazing activity data, derived from accelerometer and GPS data, expressed as probability of grazing (pGraze), for individual cows in each 2-minute period throughout each trial. Data collected for 4 trials using commercial dairy herds. Includes summaries of node efficiency. Data interpolated to fill transmission gaps, and then summarised by node (animal) and hour within day within each trial.

Year of Publication2022
PublisherRothamsted Research
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Keywordscattle feeding
Publication dates
Online16 Jun 2022
FunderInnovate UK
Funder project or codeThe use of GPS tracking and the LoRaWAN network to improve productivity of grazing dairy cows
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Copyright license
CC BY 4.0
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Data collection period01 Jun 2020 to end of 31 May 2021
Geographic location
Southern England
Data collection method

Using LoRa nodes attached to individual dairy cows within herds, uploaded through a LoRaWAN gateway to the cloud.

Data preparation and processing activities

Logistic regression used to relate accelerometer reading variability to observed animal eating behaviour to predict the probability that an animal was grazing. Node efficiency calculated as the proportion of occasions on which data were recorded.

Linear interpolation of values to fill transmission gaps, and hourly means calculated for each node (animal) on each day of each trial.

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