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Chamberlain, A. T., Mead, A., Rivero, M. J. and Wilkinson, J. M. 2022. GrazeMore - milk yield data. Rothamsted Research.

AuthorsChamberlain, A. T., Mead, A., Rivero, M. J. and Wilkinson, J. M.

Milk yield data from 6 trials using commercial dairy herds, comparing two grazing management strategies, recording daily yields for individual animals (cows) and including separate daily milking events (morning and evening).

Year of Publication2022
PublisherRothamsted Research
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Keywordsdairy cows
milk yield
grazing systems
Publication dates
Online16 Jun 2022
FunderInnovate UK
Funder project or codeThe use of GPS tracking and the LoRaWAN network to improve productivity of grazing dairy cows
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Copyright license
CC BY 4.0
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Data collection period01 May 2019 to end of 31 May 2021
Geographic location
Southern England
Data collection method

Milk yields collected using GEA recording equipment in milking parlours.

Data preparation and processing activities

Daily milk yields for each animal extracted from data feed and converted to a standard format showing daily yields, separated for morning and evening milking occasions. Data corrected for lactation stage using lactation curves derived from historical data for each herd, with data expressed as corrected yields for 150 days in milky (DIM).

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