METI acaricides: the principles of resistance management in practice

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Wege, P. J. and Denholm, I. 1998. METI acaricides: the principles of resistance management in practice. Abstracts 9th International Congress on Pesticide Chemistry: the Food-Environment Challenge, London, 2-7 August 1998 . Wiley. doi:10.1002/ps.348

AuthorsWege, P. J. and Denholm, I.
TypeC2 - Non-edited contributions to conferences

The naphthoquinones and the METI group of compounds act on sites associated with mitochondrial respiration, but METI-resistant strains of two-spotted spider mite from Japan and the UK exhibited no cross-resistance to the naphthoquinones. The potential for developing commercial naphthoquinones therefore remains high. (C) 2001 Society of Chemical Industry.

KeywordsAgronomy; Entomology
Year of Publication1998
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)doi:10.1002/ps.348
PubMed ID11517730
Journal citation(8), pp. 4D-024
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