The distribution of healthy and bighted tubers in potato ridges

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Lacey, J. 1966. The distribution of healthy and bighted tubers in potato ridges. European potato journal. 9 (2), pp. 86-98.

AuthorsLacey, J.

Maps were made of the distributions of tubers of plants of 15 potato varieties growing in the field. Although distribution was mainly a varietal characteristic, there was some evidence that it could be affected by soil type and seasonal differences. Varieties with short stolons (e.g.Ulster Tarn) not only had tubers tightly clustered, but tended to have many near the soil surface. As the proportions of long stolons increased, so the clustering diminished and tubers were usually deep and widely spread in varieties with mostly long stolons (e.g.Arran Viking). The proportion of tubers infected by blight decreased with increasing depth. In 1960, when tuber infection was common, more than half the tubers in the top 5.1 cm of soil were infected, but only an accasional one was blighted 15.2 cm below the surface.

Year of Publication1966
JournalEuropean potato journal
Journal citation9 (2), pp. 86-98
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