The impact of varying semantics in spatial statistics

C2 - Non-edited contributions to conferences

Comber, A., Harris, P. and Atkinson, P. M. 2018. The impact of varying semantics in spatial statistics. GISRUK 2018. Leicester

AuthorsComber, A., Harris, P. and Atkinson, P. M.
TypeC2 - Non-edited contributions to conferences

This paper extends consideration of semantics to identify the sources of semantic variation in modelling, using a case study on soil conductivity in the Loess Plateau, China through spatial regression as the model. Given a simple case of y = f(x), noting that y will only ever be a predicted,
y*, the paper examines the impacts on semantics of Measurement of x (the ‘x’ issue), the Choice of x
(the ‘m’ issue) and the Support of x (the ‘v’ issue). These affect the semantics of y* through model inputs, specification and granularity, and although some of these factors are known, they have not been considered in this context together before.

KeywordsSample measurement; Model specification; Sample support; Spatial regression
Year of Publication2018
Conference title26th GIScience Research UK Conference
Conference locationUniversity of Leicester
Event date2018
Open accessPublished as non-open access
Funder project or codeThe North Wyke Farm Platform- National Capability [2017-22]
FunderBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
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Copyright licenseCC BY

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