The North Wyke Farm Platform: Field Events Data

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Hawkins, J. M. B. and Harris, P. 2023. The North Wyke Farm Platform: Field Events Data. Rothamsted Research Rothamsted Research.

AuthorsHawkins, J. M. B. and Harris, P.
TypeD1 - Technical reports: non-confidential

The North Wyke Farm Platform (NWFP) was established in 2010 to study and improve grassland livestock production at the farm-scale. The NWFP uses a combination of environmental sensors, routine field and lab-based measurements, and detailed management records to monitor livestock and crop production, emissions to water, emissions to air, soil health, and biodiversity. The rich NWFP datasets help researchers to evaluate the effectiveness of different grassland (and arable) farming systems, which in turn, contributes to the development of sustainable, resilient and net zero land management strategies. This document serves as a user guide to the field events and common field operations that occur on the NWFP and is associated with other dedicated user guides that detail the collection, and quality control processing of all the datasets produced on the NWFP.

Year of Publication2023
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