Peri-urbanization may vary with vegetation restoration: A large scale regional analysis

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Fu, W., Lu, Y., Harris, P., Comber, A. and Wu, L. 2018. Peri-urbanization may vary with vegetation restoration: A large scale regional analysis. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening. 29, pp. 77-87.

AuthorsFu, W., Lu, Y., Harris, P., Comber, A. and Wu, L.

Over that past decade, ecological restoration practices have expanded globally. However, the effectiveness of ecological restoration depends on the complex interactions of various natural and socioeconomic factors, about which there is limited scientific understanding and thus provides an important research frontier. This paper analyzed the relationship between regional scale vegetation restoration and the process of urbanization using the Loess Plateau of China as a case study. This region has experienced both rapid urbanization and a high number of vegetation restoration activities. Urbanization and vegetation restoration can be considered as extremes on the spectrum of environment preservation activities. Three separate spatial correlation analyses between urbanization and vegetation restoration were identified, resulting in: 1) insignificant correlations in saturated urban areas; 2) significant negative correlations in peri-urban areas; and 3) significant positive correlations in undeveloped areas. The relationship between urbanization and vegetation restoration is thus stage-dependent. Impacts of urbanization on vegetation degradation has improved but has not been fully addressed by large scale vegetation restoration. Regardless of whether the county or grid scale is used, peri-urbanization was found to be the critical factor affecting the effectiveness of vegetation restoration over both time and space. Therefore, peri-urbanized areas are viewed as priorities for improving the coupling of urban development and vegetation restoration.

KeywordsVegetation restoration; Peri-urbanization; Correlations; Planting patterns
Year of Publication2018
JournalUrban Forestry and Urban Greening
Journal citation29, pp. 77-87
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Open accessPublished as non-open access
FunderNatural Environment Research Council
Funder project or codeModelling and managing critical zone relationships between soil, water and ecosystem processes across the Loess Plateau
Output statusPublished
Publication dates
Print10 Nov 2017
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Accepted07 Nov 2017
PublisherElsevier Gmbh, Urban & Fischer Verlag
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