Factors determining miroflora of stored barley grain

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Hill, R. A. and Lacey, J. 1983. Factors determining miroflora of stored barley grain. Annals of Applied Biology - AAB. 102 (3), pp. 467-483.

AuthorsHill, R. A. and Lacey, J.

Colonisation of barley grain has been studied during storage at different water contents and with and without restriction of the air supply to simulate conditions in unsealed silos. Grain stored with a water activity >0·9 aw (20% water content) heated spontaneously when aeration was unrestricted, the maximum temperature attained increasing with aw to 58 °C at 1·0 aw (39% water content). The presence of many unripe grains increased the tendency to heat at a given mean water content. Although heating was prevented by sheeting to restrict the air supply, it could occur subsequently when the sheeting was removed. Both heating and restriction of the air supply were associated with increased carbon dioxide (to >25%) and decreased oxygen concentrations (to <5%). Germination of grain after 6·9 months storage was correlated with aw; germination levels approaching 100% were retained only at about 0·7 aw (13·5% water content). Colonisation by Aspergillus species was correlated with aw and temperature and similar correlations with Penicillium species were also found, with P. verrucosum var. cyclopium abundant at 0·85‐0·90 aw (17·20% water content) and P. piceum, P. funiculosum and P. capsulatum at 0·90‐0·95 aw (20–25% water content). In sealed containers P. roquefortii occurred at 1·00 aw (39% water content) and P. hordei at 0·90‐0·92 aw (20–22% water content). Spores of fungi and actinomycetes formed during spontaneous heating of grain survived 6 months sealed storage although Absidia corymbifera and Micropolyspora faeni may have declined in numbers. Fungicides applied to the ripening grain had only limited effect on the colonisation of the grain during storage

Year of Publication1983
JournalAnnals of Applied Biology - AAB
Journal citation102 (3), pp. 467-483
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)doi:10.1111/j.1744-7348.1983.tb02718.x

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