Novel and holistic approaches are required to realise allelopathic potential for weed management

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Hickman, D., Comont, D., Rasmussen, A. and Birkett, M. A. 2023. Novel and holistic approaches are required to realise allelopathic potential for weed management. Ecology and Evolution. 13 (4), p. e10018.

AuthorsHickman, D., Comont, D., Rasmussen, A. and Birkett, M. A.

Allelopathy, i.e. plant-plant inhibition via the release of secondary metabolites into the environment, has potential for the management of weeds by circumventing herbicide resistance. However, mechanisms underpinning allelopathy are notoriously difficult to elucidate, hindering real-world application either in the form of commercial bioherbicides or allelopathic crops. Such limited application is exemplified by evidence of limited knowledge of the potential benefits of allelopathy among end-users. Here, we examine potential applications of this phenomenon, paying attention to novel approaches and influential factors requiring greater consideration, with the intention of improving the reputation and uptake of allelopathy. Avenues to facilitate more effective allelochemical discovery are also considered, with a view to stimulating the identification of new compounds and allelopathic species.
Synthesis and Applications: We conclude that tackling increasing weed pressure on agricultural productivity would benefit from greater integration of the phenomenon of allelopathy, which in turn would be greatly served by a multi-disciplinary and exhaustive approach, not just through more effective isolation of the interactions involved, but through greater consideration of factors which may influence them in the field, facilitating optimisation of their benefits for weed management.

KeywordsAllelopathy; Weed management; Plant defence; Bioherbicide; Mode of action; Allelochemical ; Agriculture
Year of Publication2023
JournalEcology and Evolution
Journal citation13 (4), p. e10018
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Online21 Apr 2023
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