Scents and sex: insect pheromones

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Pickett, J. A., Birkett, M. A., Woodcock, C. M. and Zhou, J-J. 2009. Scents and sex: insect pheromones. The Biochemist. 31 (2), pp. 28-32.

AuthorsPickett, J. A., Birkett, M. A., Woodcock, C. M. and Zhou, J-J.

Pheromones are chemical signals (semiochemicals) that act between members of the same species, sex pheromones being the signals that facilitate sexual reproduction. Many organisms use such semiochemicals, but it is insects to which the main research attention has been directed. This article will therefore concentrate on the insect sex pheromones.

Year of Publication2009
JournalThe Biochemist
Journal citation31 (2), pp. 28-32
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Online01 Apr 2009
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