Semiochemical (Patent US 7820153 B2)

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Hick, A. J., Pickett, J. A., Wadhams, L. J. and Napier, J. A. 2010. Semiochemical (Patent US 7820153 B2) . US 7820153 B2

AuthorsHick, A. J., Pickett, J. A., Wadhams, L. J. and Napier, J. A.
TypeH1 - Patents granted
Patent applicantPlant Bioscience Ltd
Patent IDUS 7820153 B2

cis-Jasmone has been discovered to be useful as a semiochemical that changes the behavior of insects and/or the physiology of plants. It has direct signalling roles with plant-feeding aphids, in attraction of aphid predators and parasitoids, and may act as an airborne signal inducing production of volatile plant semiochemicals, including the monoterpene (E)-β-ocimene, that stimulate foraging by parasitoids. It is an extremely benign compound having, to human beings, a pleasant aroma and gives a long-lasting effect after removal of the stimulus.

Year of Publication2010
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